Love and sacrifice often go hand in hand.

Marguerite has learned this the hard way. Despite her dream of becoming an artist, she quickly realizes that fate has more sinister plans for her…

After her father’s merchant ships are destroyed at sea, Marguerite and her family are forced out of their home to live in a humble cottage by the woods.

But there are dangers in the forest, magic forgotten by the ages, and Marguerite is powerless to stop it from luring her in.

A cursed life is no life worth living.

Count Henri d’Alarie discovered this when an Enchanter cursed him for his selfishness. Now, he must wait for the person who will break the spell and set him free.

He believes Marguerite is that person, and she is sure Henri is her way out of this nightmare too.

They have four months to put this theory to the test.

Are they right, or will their hearts have other plans?


Enchanting Fate is a Beauty and the Beast retelling and book one of a fairy tale retelling series. Each book is a standalone novel within the same world.

Perfect for readers who enjoy clean romance, slow burn, forbidden love, and a cupful of angst.

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